You might think Port is a reference to any fortified wine from around the globe, but actually, true Port is a fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley in Portugal. These wines are typically sweet and can be served as a dessert wine, an aperitif, and as the base of many fabulous cocktails. Do you think you know all about these wonderful wines? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Chile is a narrow country in South America that is a relatively new player in the wine export market. This country is producing some world class wines and is expected to continue producing premium wines from its unique terroir. If you’re a fan of Chilean wine or are interested in learning more, take this quiz to test your knowledge of this South American favorite.

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Whether you lean towards Old World or New World wines, you’re probably familiar with purchasing single varietal wines. However, some of the most famous wines of the world are a combination of two or more varietals. Take this quiz to see if you can identify the grapes or wine blend by name!

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