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____ is defined as targeted vermin management in the vineyard: harmful pests are assessed by their vulnerabilities, and other animals or insects are integrated to eliminate the problem without hurting any of the beneficial creatures that are essential to the growing process.

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Who created the philosophy behind biodynamic agriculture?

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Some producers practice _____, where the vineyard is considered as its own complete living system that follows the alignments of the planets and lunar calendar. This practice essentially combines organic agriculture with spirituality.

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According to the lunar calendar followed by biodynamic winemakers, what are the four days represented in a lunar cycle?

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_____ considers the environment as its primary concern and attempts to minimize environmental impact or improve natural conditions. It is not limited by ways of organic/inorganic production techniques.

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What are the three primary concerns of sustainable viticulture practices?

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What is another term commonly used when referencing Sustainable viticulture?

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While many companies claim to produce Natural Wine, true “natural wine” is defined as the following: wine made from purely unadulterated grape juice with no additives. Some prefer calling it low intervention, naked, or raw. If you get your hands on one of these wines, it will likely appear _____ due to lack of filtering it.

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Many wines are not vegan, due to the filtration or fining agents used when clarifying the wine prior to release. What is one example of a vegan fining agent?

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What is the difference between the USDA organic seal on a wine bottle and the phrase “Certified Organic” on the bottle?

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