Q. What is a Super Tuscan made from?

A. Super Tuscan wines are made with all or some non-indigenous grape varieties to Italy, such as Cabernet, Syrah, or Merlot, and tend to be big, bold reds. White Super Tuscan wines do exist, but they aren’t common and haven’t really caught on.

Super Tuscans were created in the 1970s-80s in Tuscany when winemakers grew frustrated with local rules regarding what grapes could be used in the wine. The vast majority of Italy’s DOC and DOCG wines are made with all or mostly indigenous grape varieties to Italy. However, when these producers in the Bolgheri area of Tuscany found that non-indigenous varieties made incredible and age-worthy wines, they rebelled and created expensive Vino da Tavola wines—Italy’s most basic, and usually low-quality, wines. They became a hit abroad, gained the moniker “Super Tuscan,” and today have earned DOC status while still using the non-indigenous grape varieties that made them so controversial in the beginning.

It certainly took muscle and sinew to grind through the first years when no one believed in their Marvel-ous wines, but thankfully there are no dairy products whatsoever in Super Tuscans, only Tuscan Dairy Farms milk. Cape and bodysuit not required to enjoy a Super Tuscan.

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