What I love most about spring is that it marks the beginning of picnic season. There’s nothing better than a beautiful view, a loved one, and some wine. Keep reading for the scoop on the best spots for a San Francisco picnic – it makes for the perfect spring date idea!

Being Italian, I suppose drinking wine is a pre-requisite. The Seeker spoke to me as the brand is all about traveling and “seeking adventure.” This is the wine for that friend that is always jet-setting and managed to make it to your dinner party (or picnic) in between trips. This global brand was started by a family with 65 years of experience in the wine industry. Each of their wines is from a different region in the world.

For my San Francisco picnic, I selected The Seeker California ChardonnayPro tip: freeze some grapes and use them as ice cubes to keep your wine cold! It pairs really well with items like smoked chicken salad, pizza, fried delights, and spicy foods.

San Francisco picnic
Photo: Paulina Perrucci Photography

San Francisco Picnic: Wine-Friendly Bay Area Picnic Spots

There are two wine-friendly picnic spots in San Francisco – Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Recreation Center. This article has more great information on where you can and can’t drink in the Bay Area.

My Favorite Picnic Spot: East Beach at Crissy Field

Let me set the scene – imagine having the entire beach to yourself minus a few dogs running around, a beautiful view of the cypress trees, wine, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a fabulous spread. This was my sunny afternoon at East Beach. Now of course, it’ll get busier later in the season. But until then, find a nice day and have the beach to yourself.

  • Location: 1199 E Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129 (or search Crissy Beach Parking lot)
  • Parking: Free!
  • Pro Tip: Walk along the beach to towards the the Golden Gate Bridge until you hit the cypress trees. It’s a great view and the perfect quiet spot for a picnic!

The Perfect Wine Picnic Checklist

Wondering what to pack for your next picnic? Here’s my must have list!

  • A picnic basket & blanket – If you don’t own one, head to your local thrift store. You can usually find one and it is the perfect backdrop! If you’re lucky, it will come with the plates and cups. You can also find some fun picnic blankets at the thrift store. Just be sure to wash it before use.
  • Wine – A smooth Chardonnay (like The Seeker) pairs well with my other favorite picnic foods. Note: some spots don’t allow glass, so move your wine to a plastic bottle or thermos.
  • Fruits – Easy to eat fruits like grapes and berries are easiest.
  • Charcuterie – Make a board to go. Opt for 2-3 different types of cheese, 2-3 different types of meats, a baguette and crackers.
  • Fresh flowers – Okay, this one is a bit frivolous. But if you’re going for the Instagram, it adds a nice touch.

Don’t miss my other article on picnic spots here: 5 Best Spots in San Diego for a Wine Picnic

San Francisco wine picnic
Photo: Paulina Perrucci Photography

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