If someone asked you for a quote about summertime, does one come to mind? We’d bet our best bottle of Burgundy some of you would hum, “Summertime, and the living’s easy.” We’ve had a very busy June (did you see? Our Wine Shop is open!), and are thrilled to chill our Cavas and crisp whites, put our feet up, and make that quote come true. Read on for articles to help you do just that, from wine recommendations that let you live your coastal grandmother life to curious stories that while away the summer hours.

How Champagne’s Problems Could Benefit Other Sparkling Wine Categories: Our thirst for bubbles continues to grow, but so do problems within Champagne’s region in the past few years. Julia Coney explains, and gives sparkling wine recommendations beyond Champagne.

9 Wines to Help You Live Your Best Coastal Grandmother Life This Summer: In case you didn’t hear, the Coastal Grandmother of 2022 has replaced the Hot Girl Summer of 2021. Olivia White suggests wines that help you ease into this relaxed new lifestyle.

These 9 Tasty Wine Pairings Are Perfect For Summer Entertaining: Ian Devereux White picks out red, white, and pink wines for all the cookouts, picnics, and grilling soirees on your summer horizon.

4 Wines to Toast the Start of Summer: Pinot Grigio, Grüner Veltliner, Rosé of Pinot Noir, and Grenache Blanca—Hayley Hamilton-Cogill has four solid choices to cool down when the heat wave hits.

A Taste Of California’s Less Expensive Chardonnays: Cali’s top-of-the-line Chards are often rich and buttery…which isn’t always the best choice for a hot summer day. Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr suggest leaner, lighter Chardonnays that go best with the season.

20 Different Types of Sparkling Wines, Explained: There are how many types of sparkling wines?! Lucia Capretti gives us an overview.

20 Rosé Wines We Are Loving This Summer: We’ve gone through whites and sparklings; now Rupal Shankar gives us what the people are asking for: rosé all day!

How to Make James Bond’s Scrambled Eggs Recipe: James Bond has a special scrambled eggs recipe, and like everything he does, it is made with deadly simplicity and panache. Enjoy with Champagne, of course.

6 Wines That Will Transport You to Italy: Can these wines actually transport us to Il Bel Paese? We’re willing to try.

Why Is Wine (Almost) Always Made from Grapes? Good question! Alex Mayyasi explains what makes grapes so perfect for winemaking, and considers the merits of other fruit wines.

Wine for a summer picnic
Wine for a summer picnic

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