May means the unofficial start to summer, the beginning of rosé season, weddings, celebrations—and this year, the U.S. opening back up, whether suddenly or slowly. May has never felt so fresh and full of possibilities for the summer ahead! Open a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and catch the excitement we felt when we found the articles below.

The Best Champagnes And Sparklings For Your Wedding Celebration: Wedding season is upon us, and Katie Kelly Bell recommends great bubbly options to celebrate. As she notes, “According to Kolleen M. Guy, author of When Champagne Became French, Champagne was said to have positive effects on women’s beauty and man’s wit.” Who can say no to that?

The 33 Best Rosés to Drink Right Now: Now that we’re officially enjoying rosé season, Brian Freedman gives us a great selection of the pink drink for all types of wine lovers.

5 Napa Wineries To Visit On A Weekend: Does anything shout spring or summer more than a wine-tasting road trip in California? Kat Schuster has the top five spots you should visit in Napa.

Bottle of Wine Aged in Space on Sale for $1 Million: Kelly Tesoriero reports on what could only be the world’s most exclusive and unique wine tasting. Our question is…are the softer tannins due to aging at the speed of light or experiencing space gravity?

Women of Wine: The Best Wines from Today’s Female Winemakers: Don’t miss Alison Bailin Batz’s list highlighting some of the top U.S. women winemakers.

5 Reasons to Love California Wine Country This Summer: We get it, already—visit California wine country this summer! From hiking to eating, Michele Elyzabeth has great ideas of what else to do while you’re there.

5 Must Try Sangria Recipes for this Summer: Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, and what’s summer without sangria? Mikayla Tencer has five fruity recipes, and we’ll be trying all of them.

Verticale: Tenuta di Nozzole Il Pareto: If you follow our Daily Drop newsletter, you might recall the difference between a horizontal and a vertical wine tasting. Click John Fodera’s article to learn about a vertical tasting; and check out this link for tips on making your own horizontal tasting at home!

The 5 best wine openers and corkscrews we tested in 2021: You can never have too many corkscrews! Remember this and read this article by Connie Chen next time your wine friend has a birthday.

What’s Causing Your Wine Headache? It Might Not Be Sulfites: If you want to get technical, Jamie Goode explains what might be at the root of your “wine headache.” Spoiler alert: it might come from high biogenic amine levels, which can come about from low amounts of sulfites…but we’ll let him explain the whole story.

Best Photos Of Food: Winners Of Food Photographer Of The Year 2021: Just some excellent food and wine photos from around the world that you won’t want to miss.

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