When the sun begins to shine and the flowers are blooming, we know that spring showers will soon bring forth the most beautiful blossoming colors to our yards and patios. It’s also the best time to host an event for a couple-to-be overflowing with fresh ingredients and refreshments to match. We were able to put together a beautiful spring shower inspired by Cakebread Cellars‘ Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. From bridal brunches to engagement showers, hosting a special event can be easy when you stick to these key things. 

Add Floral Touches to Everything

Bring the magic of the blossoming world to your food and to your décor by adding blooms to ice cubes, desserts, and veggie trays. Use floral ice cubes for decoration in wine chillers or as edible garnishes for mixed drinks. Even if you don’t want to use real flowers on food, you can arrange items in floral shapes and create floral roses out of carrots or other fruit and veggies for décor. 

Spring shower party
Decorate your spring get-together with fresh, seasonal bouquets of flowers.

Keep the Menu Light and Seasonal

The best thing about spring is that vegetables and fruit are coming into full season. Some of the things we love to serve for spring showers include cucumber sandwiches, veggie crudités trays, spring onion quiches, and carrot cakes. The fresh produce helps fill people up without feeling like they’ve overeaten. 

Use Soft Pastels and Florals as Décor

Now is the time to bust out your soft hues and pick up a bunch of flowers from the farmer’s market. Floral-inspired cocktail napkins and blush linens keep the décor light and inviting. The fresh flowers add a statement to the buffet-style brunch menu and can even be used as edible décor when washed and prepped. 

Cakebread Spring shower brunch 2
Serve refreshing Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for your spring brunch party

Serve Refreshing Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

When it comes to serving wine that pleases every palate, I rely on Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to serve guests. This top-tier family-owned winery produces consistently delightful wines, and the refined flavors pair perfectly with delicate dishes you may be serving in springtime. 

Set a Buffet in a Central Area Easily Accessible by Guests

Serving in a buffet setting is perfect for welcoming all into your home. We like setting the buffet on a kitchen island or on a dining table with the chairs removed. The point of the buffet is to keep people mobile and interacting with one another so that all guests can get to know each other (if they don’t already). Pro tip: keep the drinks stationed at the end and the desserts in the middle since most guests will be reaching for a refresh of their beverage before going in for seconds on dessert. 

Whoever you’re showering, whether a couple or a bride to be, with these tips your spring shower is sure to go off without a hitch. 


Cynthia is the creator of the blog Darling Down South, and is a California native relocated to Atlanta, Georgia who has spent most of her life figuring out whether she was Southern or Californian. She non-ironically uses y’all now, so believes it is safe to say she is southern. Her blog captures navigating modern life with a southern-ish twist. Darling Down South began in 2015 as a southern life well-explored, whether that is seasonal and fresh recipes, a new travel destination, or reinventing personal style through home and fashion.

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