Let us help you make the most of your summer. You’ve got enough on your hot hands with travel opening up, restrictions easing and social calendars suddenly jam-packed, offices that may or may not require you to go in, and oh, let’s not fail to mention the sweeping heatwaves throughout the U.S. With all this going on, it’s totally understandable if all you want is someone to hand you a cold glass of sparkling wine.

This Summertime Wine Guide should help you decide what to drink, how to drink it, and where to enjoy it—or at least set you on the right path! Check back throughout the summer as we update it with the latest tips, tricks, and drinks to keep it chill.

Wine and Food to Make the Most of Seasonal Ingredients

How to Pair a Rosé and White Wine Charcuterie Board for Spring or Summer

French Chicken and Mushroom Bake with Burgundy Chardonnay

Simple Ways Cava Can Upgrade Your Next Casual Gathering

2 Stunning Seafood Dishes You’ll Want to Pair with Chardonnay

Reel-ing in the Summer Fun

Poema Brut Rose Cava and charcuterie board with meat and cheese

Summertime SipsChardonnay wine in front of Eiffel Tower

Secret Summer Wine Tips

Which Chardonnay Is Right for Me?

Hot Summer, Cold Sake: Wanna Start Chillin’?

Summertime and the Sake Is Easy

Delicious End of Summer Entertaining Tips, Italian Style

Rosé Will Be Your Go-To Summer Wine with These 4 Food Pairings

Cocktails for Keeping Cool

Summer Cocktail Perfection: Tutto Mio Raspberry Mojito Recipe

3 Perfectly Refreshing Port Cocktails for Summer

Rosé X Deux

“Mark Collins” Collins Cocktail with Rosé Wine

How to Make Frosé

Port Can Be Playful, too: 4 Pink Port Cocktails

Easy Summertime Pairing: Peach Pops and Cava

Pouring Prosecco into wineglasses with popsicles

Domaine Carneros vineyard and chateau

Got that Summer Travel Bug

Will Travel for Wine: Top 4 Wine Destinations to Check Off Your Bucket List

Four Destinations For Wine Seekers

Classic, Cool Collio: An Italian Wonderland of White Wines


Diana studied Anthropology at Penn State and Food Culture & Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. After living la bella vita in Italy for six years, she returned to the U.S. and landed in NYC. She has been working in wine since 2012 and holds WSET 2. Loves Nebbiolo and amaro. Talk to her about Italy.

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